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Juanes - College Comparison Project Video

Brunton - Magazine Project

College Comparison Project Video

Database and Website Evaluation Video

EasyBib Video

Mrs. King's Honors ELA 9 Summer Reading List

Libary Media Aide - Book Review Form!

French Project


PE - Nutritional Values

PE - Goals to a better Lifestyle

PE - MyPyramid.Gov

Lifestyle Template to type answers in

Bracero Program/Cesar Chavez

Lesson Plan

Interview with a Bracero (written translation)

Interview with a Bracero (Audio File)

Interview Questions (Audio File)


Casey - Dangerous Word Project

Garhart - Global Warming Video

Jennings - Seedfolks Data Table

Strippel - Book Trailers

Book Trailers

Constellation LiveBinder

Day of the Dead LiveBinder

Folklore Livebinder

Global Climate Change LiveBinder

Goals to a Better Lifestyle Worksheet

Japanese Internment Camp LiveBinder

Health & Wellness Article Summary

Latin America Research LiveBinder

Mexican Revolution LiveBinder

Mythology LiveBinder

Norse Mythology LiveBinder

Odyssey Project LiveBinder

Photography LiveBinder

Planet (Vacation!) LiveBinder

Stress Management Article

Ute Indian LiveBinder


Journalism Videos

Challenger Tragedy

How to create animotos

Animoto - LiveBinder

Animoto Sample-Japanese internment camps

  Delaney Western Passage
  Theron Native Americans

  Carissa Ellis Island

  Marcelo in the Real World

  Crossing the Wire

Templeton Rwanda


TEACHER and/or



Anderson - Cells

Barnett - American Subculture

Castro - Website Evaluation

Duncan - History Day

Duncan - New Deal

Elliot - Fourteeners

Gallager - Of Mice & Men

Gallager - Titanic


Guns, Germs & Steel

Guddat - Government Project

Halpin - Brain Test

Halpin - Mythology

Howard - William Golding

Johnson - 60's & 70's Music

Johnston - Plate Tectonics

Koster - To Kill a Mockingbird

Krueger - Careers

Kuhns - American Subculture

Kuhns - Of Mice & Men

Lefabre - World War I

Lelich - Harlem Renaissance

Lewis & Clark

Lillpop - Mythology

McDougal Evolution - McDougal

McFadzen - Bless Me, Ultima

McFadzen - Influential People

Mettauer - Women's Rights

Metzger - Chinese Calligraphy


Science - Earthquake Project

Science - Elements

Science - Genetics

Science - Moon

Science - Oil Shale

Science - Plate Tectonics

Science - Tectonics

Strippel - Moral Courage

Strippel - Research Ideas

Strippel - Rescuers

Strippel - Comp 10/ hr 2

Templeton - WW Propaganda

Templeton:  World War II Webquest

Thompson -  Resources

Tilford - Lyrics


Weekley - WW II Reports

Whiteford - Colorado History

Whiteford - Comp Lit 10

Whiteford - Theatre Classes

Woytek- Civil War Project

Woytek - Constitutional Project

Woytek - Research

American Subculture

Architecture Design Sites

Bless Me, Ultima - McFadzen

Brain Test - Halpin

Careers - Krueger

Cells - Anderson

Chinese Calligraphy

Civil War Project-Woytek

Colorado History- Whiteford

Constitutional Project-Woytek

Earthquake Research Project

Elements - Science

Evolution - McDougal




Government Project - Guddat

Guns, Germs & Steel

Harlem Renaissance - Lelich

History Day

Influential People - Lee

Lewis & Clark

Lyrics - Tilford

Maps - Social Studies

Moon - Science

Moral Courage - Strippel

Music of the 60's & 70's -Johnson


New Deal- Duncan

Nutritional Values - PE

Of Mice & Men - LA

Oil Shale - Science

Plate Tectonics - Science

Rescuers - Strippel

Seedfoks Links:  Jennings / Tilford


To Kill a Mockingbird - Koster

Website Evaluation - Castro

Website Evaluation

William Golding - Howard

Women's Rights-Mettauer

WW Propaganda - Templeton

WW II Reports - Weekley

World War I - Lefabre

World War II Webquest