Election Day Resources

Voter Resources

Ballot Information Book (Blue Book)
"The purpose...is to provide voters with the text, title and a fair and impartial analysis of each initiated or referred constitutional amendment, law, or question on the ballot."
Click Here for BlueBook on Audio

Election Central: An Educational Guide to the US Elections

League of Women Voters
(Educating Voters, Election Rights, etc.)

Teacher Resources

Teaching Tolerance:

Voting and Elections--Resources for a Civil Classroom

Find Resources for All Aspects of Democracy Education Here, Including:
-Voting in Your Town
-Rock the Vote
-The Young and the Registered
-Rock the Vote's Democracy Class

And More!

The Civics Center
Make Every Graduate a Voter

Will you be 18 by Election Day?
If YES--Register to VOTE!

Complete Online Voter Registration Here!
You can register to vote online if you have a valid Colorado driver's license or state issued identification card.

Don't have a Colorado ID or Driver's License yet?  Download and Print Your Voter Registration Paperwork Here, and mail it in!
Mail your paperwork to:
Sheila Reiner 200 S. Spruce St. Grand Junction 81501 P.O. Box 20000 Grand Junction 81502-5001 (970) 244-1662 Fax: (970) 255-5039 [email protected]

In Colorado, you may register to vote up until Election Day. But if you wait that long, register in person at the County Clerk's Office!